SOLD OUT for 2018. Please come visit us the 1st weekend in May for hanging baskets. Credit/debit cards, checks and cash accepted. 206-786-5520
SOLD OUT for 2018. Please come visit us the 1st weekendin May for hanging baskets. Credit/debit cards, checks and cash accepted. 206-786-5520

Why All The Tags?

We have tagged all trees that are available to take home this year. They are clearly marked with size, variety and price. We even have a selection of Charlie Brown trees. Some are just not perfect, missing pieces, have been loved by the elk or we need them to be cut down to make room for other trees.

Why do we tag our trees? Simply put, it is so that you can have the best selection every year, not just this year. Each year we take a detailed inventory of our trees to ensure that we tag this year's selection giving you the best choices for this year and many to come!

Want the best selection and the freshest tree on Christmas? Join a growing number of our customers and pick your tree the first few days we are open and then return before our closing day to cut down your tree. This affords you a great selection and the longest lasting tree.


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Saws, twine and kneeling carpets provided. Please, no chain saws. Unless they are the cute little Fisher-Price ones. Then that's ok, because that's super cute!

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