We open the day after Thanksgiving at 9am for the 2017 season. We look forward to seeing you. 206-786-5520 Tons of Christmas fun- just waiting for you! Weekends: 9am - dusk Weekdays: 10am - dusk Arrive by 4pm to leave yourself enough time to find the perfect Christmas tree!
We open the day after Thanksgiving at 9am for the 2017 season. We look forward to seeing you.206-786-5520 Tons of Christmas fun-just waiting for you! Weekends: 9am - duskWeekdays: 10am - duskArrive by 4pm to leave yourself enough time to findthe perfect Christmas tree!

Pricing and Tree Care

We tag each of our trees that are available this year. The colors above match the tag colors that you will find on the trees. Each tag will list the variety, height and price of the tree.
We also have a selection of discounted white tags which are on our Charlie Brown trees. 
Ask one of our field crew for help finding the tree of your choice.

Douglas Fir: our most fragrant selection and a great traditional Christmas tree
Grand Fir: Vibrant emerald green needles and that Christmas fragrance
Fraser Fir: Shorter needles and more space between branches allow for long ornaments
Noble Fir: Stiff branches make it a great choice for heavier ornaments
Turkish Fir: A cousin of the noble, looks similar but needles encircle the branch

Be sure to give your tree a fresh cut when you get home (1/2"). Use a tree stand that fits your tree. Cutting the trunk down to fit your stand elimates the best part of the tree for drinking water. Keep water in your stand. A good guide is one quart per inch of trunk diameter. Keep trees away from major sources of heat as they can dry out. Our Magic Water Spouts are perfect for keeping track of water depth and adding more water.

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Opening Day: 9am - dusk
Weekends: 9am - dusk
Weekdays: 10am - dusk

Saws, twine and kneeling carpets provided. Please, no chain saws. Unless they are the cute little Fisher-Price ones. Then that's ok, because that's super cute!

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