We still have an amazing selection of Pre-Cut trees that we brought to the farm earlier this week for you from our Ravensdale and Bonney Lake fields. Our U-Cut fields are Sold Out for 2020. Sat/Sun 9-dusk Mon-Fri 10-dusk 206-786-5520 Sadly, our train is not available this year.
We still have an amazing selectionof Pre-Cut trees that we broughtto the farm earlier this week foryou from our Ravensdale andBonney Lake fields. Our U-Cut fields are Sold Out for 2020. Sat/Sun 9-duskMon-Fri 10-dusk206-786-5520 Sadly, our train is notavailable this year.

About Papa's Tree Farm

We are a family owned Christmas tree farm specializing in great service and memory making. Our farm is nearly 12 acres and full of wonderful trees. We have fields packed with trees for you to cut down or you can choose one of our beautiful pre-cut trees. Our services range from: you pick the tree, cut it down and carry it to your vehicle and tie it down...or you point to the tree you want then let us do the rest...or anything in between. All for the same great price. We want your experience to be perfect. To add some extra Christmas fun to your experience, we offer a Christmas train to tour the farm, free cider to enjoy and photo ops throughout the farm. Our gift shop is a great place to warm up and pick out a special ornament, gift or tree stand. We count it a privilege that you would choose Papa's as part of your Christmas tradition. Merry Christmas!

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Papa's Tree Farm
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Opening Day: 9am - dusk
Weekends: 9am - dusk
Weekdays: 10am - dusk

Saws, twine and kneeling carpets provided. Please, no chain saws. Unless they are the cute little Fisher-Price ones. Then that's ok, because that's super cute!

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