We still have an amazing selection of Pre-Cut trees that we brought to the farm earlier this week for you from our Ravensdale and Bonney Lake fields. Our U-Cut fields are Sold Out for 2020. Sat/Sun 9-dusk Mon-Fri 10-dusk 206-786-5520 Sadly, our train is not available this year.
We still have an amazing selectionof Pre-Cut trees that we broughtto the farm earlier this week foryou from our Ravensdale andBonney Lake fields. Our U-Cut fields are Sold Out for 2020. Sat/Sun 9-duskMon-Fri 10-dusk206-786-5520 Sadly, our train is notavailable this year.

Spring Has Sprung!

Stop by starting the first weekend in May to pick up a few of our homegrown hanging baskets. Every Mom in your life will love you!

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Saws, twine and kneeling carpets provided. Please, no chain saws. Unless they are the cute little Fisher-Price ones. Then that's ok, because that's super cute!

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